Just thought abut the fact that I hadn’t posted anything for awhile… Wish I were better at keeping up with this thing!

Below are just a couple pictures from recent happenings. Chase had a little pizza and milk dinner with some pals and Reid is consistently smiling when he sees daddy.




Chase has decided he likes to dance to various styles of music. This is his attempt to dance to coldplay. You can obviously tell he’s enjoying himself and feeling it in his bones. Very artistic!

Reid decided it was time to show some personality! He has been smiling a little bit, but the other night he decided to mix in a few giggles. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not a real boy until you can giggle.

Any of you reading this are likely to realize that it’s been months since our (my) last post. Like most everyone out there, life has been busy. In our day to day lives, we’ve rarely found time to sit back and reflect on the day and if we did, we definitely didn’t write a post about it. As much as I’d like to write some amazing story on what has transpired over the last few months, I’m going to have to do a short list and add photos where possible (after all… I’m typing this on an iPhone at the park while Chase plays on the jungle gym). Soooo… 1) we have a new boy we named Reid born May 13th at about 11:30pm… Just in time for Mothers Day, 2) I (Donnie) just moved from Foothill to Beckman, 3) Chase turned 2, but thinks he’s 10… We hear lots of “self” these days, 4) it’s summer and days are spent at the pool, BBQing, or anything else outdoors, 5) on a recent surf trip I got stung by a stingray, so walking is tough (worst pain ever!!!), 6) Kelly is still doing an amazing job as Mommy, 6) the puppies are still as spoiled as ever

I’m sure I missed a ton, but over the next few days I’ll try to catch everyone up.

Comment if you read this…

Blame any punctuation errors on my iPhone!





Chase and Daddy made a trip to get frozen yogurt. Chase hit his own cup for the first time… Very exciting!




Took a walk and started noticing bugs. Mommy is extremely happy!




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